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Ovidiu Țierean

Ovidiu Țierean has been a long standing lecturer at American Hotel Academy, sharing his experience in finance and in management with students from all years. He graduated from University of St. Andrews - Master of Science in International Strategies and Economics and was awarded a PhD title in 2011 from ”Transilvania” University of Brașov for the thesis ”Marketing of public institutions”. His main reserach intrests are Marketing and Decision making based on collective psychology of consumers.

For the past 3 years Ovidiu has been coordinating the student teams engaged in the hospitality operations simulator (HOTS) where they develop decision making and strategic skills and put to practice all the hospitality and business knowledge gained, generating the best revenue outcomes.

Ovidiu will facilitate the HOTELSim team simulation and guide participants through the operations of a hotel for a year: from setting the price for the rooms, to hiring staff and bringing in revenue for the hotel owner.


A hotel management simulation where teams operate as members of the hotel’s executive committee with a leading focus on revenue optimization. Hotels compete with each other in real time and within the realistic market dynamics of a competitive set of hotels. The competitive strategies and decisions of each hotel affect their own results and those of competitors. A hotel’s market share, revenue share, and financial results depend on the team’s ability to construct, promote, and deliver a competitive price/value proposition to the market.