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Petru Calin

We have all grown up watching Disney movies, and it is every child’s (and not only) dream to be part of this magical world. We offer you the chance to interact with one of the people who worked for years on the Disney Cruise ship. Mr. Petru Catalin started working on cruises 23 years ago as a bartender, and after 2 years, he graduated to cell master. Several cruises later, he became Head Sommelier, but he had to stop for a few years due to personal reasons. During this time, he was a restaurant manager and then sommelier at the Continental hotel.

He decided to go on ships again. He received an excellent offer from Disney and worked at Palo specialty restaurant (Italian) then in Remy French restaurant ( one of the few restaurants on ships with a menu consisting of 2 chefs with 3 Michelin stars). The wine inventory was valued at approximately $ 250,000, and wine prices varied between $ 100- $ 37,000. In a short time, Petru was promoted to Wine Manager, being in charge of everything that Wine operation can mean on a ship with about 3000 passengers.